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Cute & Simple: Grocery Shopping

I know, I know…grocery shopping is not cute and simple.  If I could click a Facebook button, I would definitely pick “unlike” for this status update.  I loathe grocery shopping with a passion. 

Well, let me be clear: it’s not the physical act of grocery shopping that I hate so much, it’s the meal planning that should come before the trip to the super-market.  And meal planning I am not a fan of.  Pushing a squeaky cart around a brightly lit store with multiple products and equally squeaky children are not very enticing, either.  So, yeah…you can pretty much bank on the fact that I hate both: grocery shopping and meal planning. 

When I actually had time to cook and someone who appreciated the gourmet dishes I whipped up, I didn’t mind either planning or cooking or shopping so much.  It was fun, in that newly-wed kind of way.  I made homemade gnocci and even strained my own tomatoes to make cream of tomato soup that was to-die-for.  I adapted a great white chicken chili recipe to be vegetarian (still a favorite around her), and I used to cut up my own carrots sprinkling them with cumin and Kosher salt and olive oil for carrot fries that were out of this world.  I used to get “real” broccoli (as opposed to frozen) to toss in with my Pasta con Broccoli recipe…and actually snapped beans, then added lemon juice, garlic, and butter….and now I’m lucky if I can even find frozen green beans almondine at my local grocer.

I am embarrassed to admit all of this.  My kids are not the food connoisseurs I’d hoped for (unless it’s Kid Cuisine)–besides most of it ends up on the floor anyway.  I can no longer shop at the “nice” grocery stores like I did in Minnesota (good-bye Byerlies and that other one).  So, I send my husband to…ugh..Wal*Mart.  He does the shopping on Saturday with the girls.  Double-ugh.  (Thank you, honey!) 

But I did whip up a “cute and simple” grocery list on my computer.  It has headings: DAIRY, FROZEN, PANTRY, SNACKS, VEGGIES, FRUIT and BAKERY.  The list organized by section of the store.  I know he likes to start at the back of the store, so I started the list with that department.  I also pre-typed most of our staple items on the list so all we have to do when we run low is circle the item on the list.  Easy!  I keep the list in a prominent spot in the kitchen all week so we just add to the list as we see fit (and I can easily print out more lists anytime).

Yeah…I should still do a little bit of meal planning, but so far, it’s worked pretty well!  Now for that dessert…

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  1. Heather Mayor says

    Love this!!! I’m not a fan of grocery shopping either, funny enough my husband loves it!

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