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Write On, Wednesday! The Process Deepens

I will admit that I never dreamed this new “column,” would take off like it has.  In all honesty, I thought I would write about writing (which does sound sort of redundant, but if you are a writer then you know what I mean).  Sure, there are quirks and weirdnesses to writing, just like everything else.  I wanted to share some of thoughts and insights–you know, give you a peak into my writing life.

Well, let’s just say it’s happening.  I have found that my small world is growing bigger by the day. 

Yesterday, for example, an agent from New York called.  At home.  In my “lower level” office (yeah…it’s a finished basement).  She’s probably sprawled out in some fancy high-rise office with a view of Central Park and perfectly manicured fingernails (mine, on the other hand, are so not manicured–not with all of this typing I do)!  She was supportive and encouraging.  She offered to help, but didn’t sign me as a client because I “don’t need an agent.”  She believes I know more about CAS than she would ever know.  But, she will look at my novel-in-progress.  Oh, my!!

Last evening, I met Jodi Picoult at the Tivoli in Downer’s Grove.  She was fantastic!  I heard her read from, “Sing You Home,” a book that highlights struggles with infertility, gay rights, and music therapy.  Not necessarily in that order.  She was a good speaker, down-to-earth, quick-witted, and an overall joy.  She seemed to glow (and it wasn’t just her sequined top)as I plopped my newly purchased copy of her book down for an autograph.  She truly loves what she does. 

Today, I got word that I will be receiving a contract in the mail.  A publishing contract!!!  Now, I have received a lot of fun things in the mail, but I believe this is a first! 

The publisher would like to feature my book in the fall line-up!! OMG–me?!  Really?!  It’s been a long time coming, I suppose.  After all, I have worked on this “baby,” (figuritively and literally) for quite some time now….I guess it’s time. 

And “Baby Kate,” you have been the inspiration and motivation from day #1.  Am I glad you had/have Childhood Apraxia of Speech?  Not exactly, but baby, it’s because of you I did all I could to understand it and help you.  Ironic, in some ways that you were the catalyst who released of my dreams of being a writer…”someday” is finally here. 

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