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Cute & Simple: Coupon Clean-Up

I don’t know about you, but I get coupons floating through my house on a near daily basis…in the mail, from the Internet, in store, etc.  They are pretty great, especially when you frequent a particular store, or purchase a certain product, otherwise–I think they are just a marketing tool to get you into a store or buy a product you wouldn’t necessarily have an interest in. 

That said, I do appreciate them from time to time…and being the overly organized type that I am, I desired a place to organize them.  I devised my own system using a 1″ binder and plastic pencil cases–the kind with three holes that fit in a binder.   I labeled each pencil case with the type of coupon…”Grocery,” “Target,” “Services,” and “Take-out/Restaurant.”  Each time I see a coupon that I could use, I clip it and slip it into the appropriate pencil case.  The binder is kept in a kitchen cabinet so all I have to do is flip it open to the appropriate “page” and retrieve the best coupon. 

My purse is another issue.  For this catch-all, I have found another type of pencil case…the kind that has two zippers…a larger pocket in back and a smaller one in front, with a see-thru window.  All of those coupons I get while I am in-store,  are small like a credit card, a gift cards, or a frequent-shopper card(s), etc go in the small front pouch.  Reciepts with the customer survey discount codes and larger flier-sized coupons go in the back portion of the pencil case.  It all fits nicely into my purse and I don’t have to worry about over-stuffing my wallet.  Plus, they are always there–with me–should I hop into GapKids unplanned. 

Maybe this system will help you, too!  Happy Weekend and Happy Organizing. 

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