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Write On, Wednesday:

I am sort of preparing for writer’s conference at the University of Madison-Wisconsin next week.  I say “sort of” because I’m not doing a very good job of it.  You see, I have so many things floating around my brain (and my to-do list) right now I can’t fully participate in the “prep work” I should be doing: reading about the presentors, preparing excerpts for critique, determining which “break-out” sesssions I will attend…none of that is happening right now because I have waaay too much on my plate to sit and figure it all out. 

Which is exactly why today’s post about writers being “collectors” makes perfect sense.

You see, as I was sort of-kind of preparing for the UW conference, I did go to their website and browsed it for possible sessions to attend.  One of which was entitled, “Your Curio Cabinet,”   or something along those lines.  Well, as the name suggests, I was curious.  “Hummm….yes, this sounds good, what’s this all about?”  Well, the presentor of this conference likened the idea of a curio cabinet to a writer’s brain.  If one is popping things into their curio cabinet in their living rooms–things of interest and intrique–then don’t we do the same with our writing brains?  Exactly. 

I got to thinking: what is inside my curio cabinet?  What gets me excited and passionate?  What makes me wonder–aloud or on paper?  What have I always wanted to know more about?  These are the things this presentor is suggesting makes good writing.  When you write what you are passionate about, it shows.  Your writing is good.  Others want to read what you have to say.  I have a curio cabinet so full, it’s busting at the seams!  I don’t think I need to take his class. 

I will write about the girls who have gone away, the ones who have nowhere to hide their pregnancy.  I will write about the nuances of life and love and neighbors, I will write about tragic accidents and why we know so little of the people whom they destroy.  I will write about the mystery and loss of mental illness, I will write about the butterflies of first loves and the stability of the last loves.  I will write about homes perched upon rocky coastlines and paranormal events.  I will write because I am curious.

What’s in your curio cabinet? 

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