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In My Brain Today: The First 5

If you are a parent of preschoolers like me, then you likely have spent a portion of your morning watching (or hearing) PBSKids.  It happens at our house almost every morning.  And nearly every morning I hear something about the California early intervention program known as “First Five.”  I know very little of it (other than my hubby’s company recently did an evaluation on it–I keep meaning to get the low-down from him).  Anyway, my “first five” experience is a bit different today. 

In the first five minutes after putting my darling daughter down for her “quiet time” (aka, nap), I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off:  Here’s what I did in my “first five:”

  • Popped my Amy’s Organic meal  into the microwave, hit “start”
  • Wrapped up the cord from the Shark, ripped off the microfiber dusting pad and tossed it into the wash, along with the dust rags I used earlier today and a couple of old towels.
  • Ran out to get the mail (another packet of revisions landed in the box today)
  • Triaged the mail…catalogs quickly viewed with dreams of creating an outdoor seating area, coupons clipped, junk tossed, bills saved.
  • Poured my daily Pepsi, waited for the fizz to dissapate, took a drink….ahhh!!
  • Folded a couple of towels and replaced the bath mat in the girls’ bathroom I had laundered earlier today. 

And that was how I spent the “first five” of my so-called “break.”

That is what is in my brain today, Thurday April 14th 2011. 

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