Apraxia Monday
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Apraxia Monday: What is Apraxia, anyway?!

In our last Small Talk: All About Apraxia meeting about a week ago, we talked about just that–what is apraxia?  I know when my daughter was first diagnosed I had never even heard the term, Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).  I was dumbfounded.  And I was an R.N. by training!  Surely, they covered this in one of my pediatric rotations.  But they didn’t.  I knew what apraxia and ataxia was because we had learned about stroke victims and TBIs and those neurological concerns, but this, this was a whole new ballgame. 

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor-speech disorder in which kids know what they want to say, yet they just cannot get their brains and their mouths to cooperate so that they can execute their message.  They are generally quite babies, they don’t babble much, yet they can understand exactly what you are saying to them.  These kiddos often don’t say their first words till late (around age 3 years, sometimes later).  Even then, they usually don’t say them well. 

It’s best to have your child evaluated early with a SLP if you have concerns.  The best form of treatment is early, intense, and frequent therapy.  With proper treatment, these kiddos can and do get better.  It’s a matter or time and hard work!

But I know you have questions–and lots of of them!  Where did this come from?  Why my child?  How do I deal with this?  How can I help my child? 

In our group, we talked about how us as parents can help our child cope with the challenges CAS may bring by looking at our own backgrounds–be it educational backgrounds, or our current occupations.  Some parents mentioned such things as, being a teacher has helped them come up with fun ways to teach speech skills at home.  Others indicated that their occupation of being an administrative assistant helped them coordinate and organize services.  Still yet some mentioned experiences with power point being helpful in the fact that they were able to create fun and engaging things on the computer for their child to follow along. 

It’s funny, if you just stop for a moment and look back at where you’ve been, you can help your child on their journey.

Follow along as we complete the last 3 sessions in the Small Talk series. 

Coming up in the “Apraxia World:”

  • Silent Stars 2nd annual Bowl-a-thon will be held Sunday May 1, 2011 in Northbrook, IL at Pinstripes Bowling Alley.  “Giving our kids a voice.”  Donations will be applied to providing children with AAC devices.  For more information, or to RSVP, contact www.silentstars.org
  • The 3rd annual Walk for Apraxia will be held at Ty Warner Park in Westmont, IL on Saturday, October 15th.  Food, crafts, activities, resource fair, prizes, and silent auction.  If you’d like more information, contact Holly Olmsted-Hickey of the Windy City Apraxia Network at www.chicagoapraxia@comcast.net
  • Small Talk: All About Apraxia has it’s 3rd meeting of a 5 series “class” tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19th in Naperville, IL.  Contact me, leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com if you have interest in attending. 

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