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In My Brain Today: Nothing

Well, since I did just “birth a book,” (see yesterday’s post), I have nothing in my brain today.  Okay…I guess that’s not entirely true.  So, going along with that pregnancy/birth/delivery metaphor, I am operating on “Mommy Brain.” 

You know what I mean if you’re a mom.  “Pregnancy brain” is sort of the same thing (I had heard once that there are actual clinical trials that support the fact that a woman’s brain actually shrinks slightly as she is gestating a new life).  And no doubt there is such thing called, “Mommy Brain,” which is at first characterized as major sleep deprivation–but then–a woman’s brain actually becomes more effecient at organizing information, completing tasks, and plannning.  (Maybe that’s why we are so good at mulit-tasking?!) 

So, I think my brain in operating in that overly-exhausted state right now.  I feel post-partum.  I feel worn out–mentally and physically.  I feel like I need to nap when my young offspring does.  I feel tapped out from creativity.  The new-“baby” glow is gone, the hum-drum of real-life is creeping in.

But that’s not to say there aren’t things on my mind.  There are.  Here’s a sampling:

  • I wish I was a princess like Kate.  Yep–I just sifted through the Special Edition of People Magazine.  How come I never received a yacht for my wedding gift or a “small” cottage at Balmoral? 
  • Why do my kids fuss over a cheap, plastic Mickey Mouse camera from the Disney store when we have plenty of other–more substantial–and educational toys at home?
  • When will I muster up enough energy to clean my office and start working on the next project?
  • Summer is right around the corner–but it’s not very warm yet–and I have no desire to plan for the girls’ summer activities, though I know if I don’t, I’ll be sorry.  Really sorry. 

And that is what is in my brain today, May 5th 2011. 

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