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A Little Literacy, Please: My Classmates

I usually don’t have to “wake” my youngest daughter from “nap” time anymore.  Now that she is a big 4-year old, she’s sort of been on a nap-ban for awhile (sigh…all good things must come to an end).  Anyway, I was just sure she as sound asleep as her room was oddly quiet.  I peeked through the crack of her bedroom door and here’s what I found:

"Mooomm! I'm reading to my students."

I was pleased as punch–here was my little bookworm “reading” to her stuffed animals one of my favorite books–“Charlie the Ranch Dog!” by The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond.   We just purchased this book about 10 days ago.  We’ve read it a handful of times because I just love bassett hounds and this story makes me laugh everytime.  But she had the whole thing memorized–nearly word-for-word!  Amazing and adorable. 

Yet, there was a little somthing that perturbed me about this scenario.  Kelly was a little embarrassed that I “caught” her doing something smart and studious.  Hopping out of her tiny chair, she closed the book, and quickly began herding her “classmates” as she called then back to their home on her bookshelf. 

“Pumpkin, you don’t need to do that,” I assured her.

“But nap time is over, momma.” 

“Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep reading.”

“Oh,” she told me in a shy voice, head turned down. 

“Will you read it to me?  I haven’t heard you read it yet.”

“Um…okay, yeah.  You sit here, momma.  You are in my class, too.”  I smiled at that and made myself cozy on the carpet, all eyes on my “teacher.” 

Here’s the thing: I was worried that Kelly considered reading and being smart as something bad.  The fact that she clammed up when I “found” her reading to her stuffed animals lead me to believe she was ashamed.  Maybe I had just startled her?  When I suggested  we get it on video, she beamed.  She cooperated with my request ( alas my video skills did not!)  I was hopeful my video suggestion gave her the impression that I value reading and learning…hummm…maybe momma really does have something to learn?  (Knock before you enter?!?)

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