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Apraxia Monday: Voicing Our “Silent Stars”

When I first learned of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), I was so new to the whole phenomenon that I didn’t even know where to look for information about it.  I didn’t know CASANA or Apraxia-KIDS (www.apraxia-kids.org) even existed (well, not entirely true–my daughter’s evaluating SLP gave me the website on my way out the door), and never–in a million years–did I dream I would be blogging about CAS, let alone have written a book about it!

Hummm…sometimes, when one door closes, another opens…

Since having started this apraxia journey, not a day goes by that I don’t think about, read about, see, hear, or have some connection to CAS.  I feel like the Kevin Bacon of apraxia!  Maybe you do, too.   But what I am trying to say is: although CAS seems rare to you at the time you are just learning about it, you may find that it is actually more common that you once believed.  Maybe I am just more in-tune to the world of CAS that I am “finding” it everywhere; either way, it’s there. 

And there are folks “out there” that care about the disorder, care about raising awareness, and most of all–care about a child who has been affected by Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  And I know you are one of them! 

Marjorie Beto of Silent Stars is one such person.  First and foremost, she is a mother.  From the Chicago suburb of Glenview, Ms. Beto and her daughter have struggled with CAS for awhile now.  In fact, her daughter wasn’t diagnosed with CAS until later than typical (she had some other concerns that took priorty).  But now…well, you could say she is definitely on-board with CAS research, advocation, and networking! 

In the 2nd Annual Bowl-a-thon, Silent Stars raised a whopping $12,000!  That’s more than their initial goal–hooray! The money raised on the May 1st event will go to providing AAC devices to children who cannot afford them.  These devices aren’t cheap, either–$800 to over $1,000 is the “norm.”  Please check out the Silent Stars website for more information on this fundraiser and how you can donate to the cause.  www.silentstars.org

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