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Cute & Simple: Poolside Blues

There is nothing relaxing about going to the swimming pool with two kids.  I know, I just returned from a trip to the cool blue waters. 

Perhaps it’s because yesterday was the last day of school and excitement is running high.  Maybe it’s because at home I have a smattering of dirty lunch boxes, backpacks, and mounds of masterpieces to deal with.  Perhaps it’s because I still haven’t unpacked last night’s picnic remants.  I don’t know…but I do know that there is nothing cute nor simple about the convergence of school and summer. 

So, for the last week or so (since Memorial Day), my oldest daughter has been begging to return to the pool.  About 5 times a day she inquires about it.  Then add in the fact that she wishes to attempt the “big slide” for the first time.   She asks about that about once every 10 minutes.  But she is smart enough to phrase her questions differently each time.  As we were getting organized in the locker room of the pool, I could see her mouth open  and I just knew what was going to come out of it.  Before she could start, I said, “Don’t even ask me about that slide.”  She shut up. 

I didn’t even have my cover-up off before she was chomping at the bit to go down the slide.  “Okay!  Fine.  Let’s go.   Let’s go right this minute!”  I barked out.  She was all smiles.   She wanted to go again.  I sighed.  I rolled my eyes.  My younger daughter just wanted to go hang out in the “baby pool.”  Go on.  Do it again. 

Later, once she finally allowed me to sit–albeit just barely–she approached me again.  Sweetly, charmingly she said, “Mom, I really loved going down that slide.  It was a lot of fun.  Thank you for letting me.”  I nodded and smiled as I reached for my suntan lotion (which I still had not had the opportunity to apply).  Before I could get the first squeeze of my lotion onto my white hairy legs, I heard, “Do you think I could go down the slide again?”  Aghh!!! 

Go!  Be free! 

Kid #2 approached me, “Mommy I need to go to the bathroom.”  Sigh.  Eye roll.  Tracking down kid #1 to tell her I was going to the bathroom, I heard about the damn slide again!!! 

Smile.  You’re at the pool.  It’s summer time.  Be free. 

I need a new swimming suit.  Maybe one that is “figure slimming,” or one that automatically shaves my legs.  Even better if it will take my kid down the slide 5 gazillion times and allow me to sit and read a book with an umbrella in it. 

Afterwards, I got one of those mocha coconut frappacino from Starbucks.  Summer in a cup for $4.  Cute & simple. 

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