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A Little Literacy, Please: Bear Necessities

Thanks again to those of you who participated in the Berenstain Bear book give-a-way last week.  There were so many good memories, that I couldn’t limit it to just one.   I actually gave away two Berenstain Bear books (I had a spare signed copy just in case).

Again, winners were Chris F. from Indianapolis and Rachel L. from Chicagoland.  Here’s what these readers had to share about those bears:

“I am very fond of those bears and my boys like them, too. Not long ago we were watching an episode on the tube and it was titled “Too Much Junkfood” or something like that and it led [my son] and I to have an in depth discussion about healthy food.   He also observed Father Bear used to run, “just like you, mom!” I believe Papa Bear was running a ‘Bearathon.’“–Rachel L.

“I loved to read these books as a child.  When my oldest son was bon, I was so excited to share my love of reading with him. One of his favorite books was “The Bear Scouts.”  This book is all about the misadventures of Papa Bear as he goes camping with the Bear Scouts.  The Bear Scouts follow their guide and rules as they camp and hike, but Papa Bear makes his own choices and has to be rescued many times by the little bear scouts.  [My son] wanted to read this book over and over because he thought it was so funny.  At that time, he was young enough to think that his parents never made mistakes (ha!).  His dad (an avid Boy Scout and camper) would have NEVER made the same mistakes as Papa Bear, so I’m sure that made it seem all the more humerous to a young child.  This is my fondest memory of reading these books because I got to share the love of authors I loved as a child and make memories with my own child.  We spent many nights giggling in his room as we read this book over and over.

Now that my family is going to brave a camping trip with three young kids, I just might have to get this book out as we plan OUR camping adventures.”  –Chris F.

Thanks for sharing, ladies!!!

Want to read a free book from my blog?!  Well, stay tuned….in the next few weeks I will be giving away a copy of just-released, “I Want to be Your Friend,” a story about a little girl with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).  Written for kids ages 4-7 years.

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