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A Little Literacy, Please: Get Out!

By Leslie Lindsay

While it may be the middle of summer and you have hopes for halcyonic days with your kids, there is not doubt you may be going a little bonkers.  Well, I have the remedy for: get out!

It’s actaully a book I’m talking about here.  Sure you can read it inside, but it’s intended to get you, well–out!  “Get Out!  (better yet, read it on your patio).

150 Easy Ways for Kids and Grown-Ups to Get Into Nature and Build a Greener Future,” by Judy Molland is a great resource for any parent, grandparent, camp counselor–just about anyone to flip through for some ideas to beat summer boredom.

It’s not even a big book.  Topping off at just over 100+ pages (some of which are resources), you’ll find small snippets of ideas that may bring on big adventure.   For example, idea #52 on page 38 suggests you become an nature and wildlife photographer…small children all the way to adults can do this.  It increases the power of observation…details in the world that you may have not noticed otherwise.  Get close.  Get closer and…snap!  Set out with a theme in mind…take photos of just trees.  But make each tree is uniquely different from the last.  Or leaves.  Think of something else you can take photos of…baby ducks on the pond, etc.

The book is divided into 5 sections:

1–Get Started: Cool Ways to Embrace Nature Today

2–Go Further: Projects, Plans, and Outings

3–Get Smart:  Be Green Consumers–and Eaters!

4–Get Active:  More than Just the 3 Rs

5–Get Involved: Take a Green Stand

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