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Apraxia Monday on Tuesday: Lucky Winner of book give-away!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebration…perhaps you are still enjoying a “bonus” day off!

I had a couple of emails come my way about who the winner of the book give-a-way was.  A brand-new copy of Angela Baublitz’s book, “I Want to be Your Friend,” was awared to Jill M. of Chicagoland.  Her daughter, Finley has struggled with a rare genetic disorder called Cru de Chat since birth.  Underlying her primary diagnosis are some others, including Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

Here’s what Jill shares in how she hopes to use the book,  “I hope to not only educate my husband and me, but to reach out to our extended family and our friends to help them better understand my sweet daughter.  I also think that our son would benefit from reading this as well as Finley!  Thanks for helping us find these things Leslie!”

I had several others contact me as well.  Most responses were from parents who wanted to better understanding of CAS for themselves, their other children, and even using the book to educate teachers and classmates.  Even a grandmother connected with me!

Sometimes we find resources in unexpected places.  Should you come across something along your apraxia journey, write it down in your “field guide” (wall calendar, iPad, iPhone, etc)–you just may need it in the future.

In the meantime, I am curious as to what you already do in your daily life to help your child with CAS connect with those around him or her.  If you care to share, please respond through the “comments section” of this post.

Coming Up on “Apraxia Monday:”

  • An interview with the author of the book I just gave away–Angela Baublitz next week (hopefully).
  • More book give-aways…this time the newest book from CASANA, “The Case of the Missing G” 
  • Decompressing after a conference on special needs, aka CASANA National Conference
  • Connecting Grandparents to Apraxia

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