Cute & Simple (Friday)
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Cute & Simple: Mulching Monograms

By Leslie Lindsay

I wish I had something truly cute and simple to share with you today, alas I do not.

Unless you count the summer luncheon party I attended earlier this week in which I wasn introduced to a new line of tableware called LaPlate.  It’s picking up some buzz in various magazines like Southern Living and Martha Steward Living.  The concept is simple: plates, serving dishes, placemats, and napkins (also totebags, cups) all with adorable patterns, colors, and emblazoned with your initial or monogram.  Absolutely charming.   But if you are looking for a bargain, you won’t find it here.  Simply said, is not cheap.  And when you are considering outfitting a table for eight, well…you’d have purchase two sets of 4 plates at $72.00 each, making your final purchase around $144!  And they are melamine.  Hummm…oh, and those prices are for salad/dessert plates.  The dinner plates, are wonderfully more expensive.

Great for gifts, though…a single plate with a child’s name would make a sweet Birthday or even baby shower gift.  Housewarming or hostess gifts would also be appreciated.

As for me, I think I will be ordering the equally cute reusuable bag, also with a very bold and fun pattern.  I’ll add  a monogram and call it a day, thank you very much.

More cute and simple things….I purchased 20 bags of mulch and spread it all around my yard (still need 5-8 more, I am estimating) What a girl,right!?!    It looks good.  I didn’t, however (look good).  Smelling like an Italian man’s armpit for the remainer of the day, I opened and dumped and spread mulch transforming my yard into a summer oasis of–well, mulch.   Mulch ado about nothing. 


Well, that’s what’s in my brain– I mean cute and simple–today, Friday July 8th 2011.  Happy weekend and Happy crafting yardwork! 

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