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Cute & Simple: Summer Party Planning

By Leslie Lindsay

Not that I have a summer birthday party to plan–I really don’t–but I am just bubbling over with party ideas.  Well, maybe “bubbling” is the wrong adjective.

You see, I have a love-hate relationship with the dollar section at Target.  It’s cute.  It’s cheap.  And it stokes the creative fires.

This past week, I noticed all of these adorable water bottles, cups, bags, sandwhich containers, etc. with pirate decor emblazoned all over them.  Adorable.  (Alas, I don’t have a kiddo who is into pirates).  But how fun would it be to host a pirate-themed birthday party?!  The trinkets at Target would make adorable party favors.  Fill ’em with loot–a few gold coins, costume jewlery, candy–and viola!  Stage a scavenger hunt with gold coins, have someone “walk the plank,” (blindfolded, of course)–do something cute with eye patches…create a sunken treasure time capsule for the birthday child.

Aye, aye matey! 

Oh, but there is more…how about a Dr. Seuss party?  Target also has a plethora of Seussical items that can easily be transported into a thing-a-magig and have you go-go-going on an adventure.  Give away an inexpensive Dr. Seuss book as a party favor or a prize for coming as the best-dressed Thing 1 or 2.  Incorporate the love of reading with the party, or have party guest create their own book with wild and wacky characters.

And don’t even get me started on the alien stuff in the $1 bins.  It’s out of this world! 

Not sure how many kids will be attending?  Well, for a dollar a piece–why not snatch up all you can in your given theme, hold on to the reciept and then return the ones that go unused.  Remember only about 3/4 of your guest list will confirm a positive “yes,” and even then you’ll find that only 3/4 of your “yes” list shows up.

Happy weekend, happy crafting, and happy party planning! 

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