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Cute & Simple: Movie and Pizza Night

By Leslie Lindsay

I wish I had something truly “cute & simple” for today, but I don’t.  In fact, you will have to forgive me if my blog entries of late (and later) are not all that exciting.  I am in the midst of editing my book, “Speaking of Apraxia.”  So  far, so good.  But alas it is still a lot of work.

Today, though is Friday and Friday at our house means “pizza and movie night.”  It’s a tradition we started–oh several months ago after it was too cold for “Firepit Friday” on the back patio.  It’s our goofy parent attempt to introduce the girls to some movies they may not be familiar with, but were classics when we were kids (or before, even).  In fact, on my list to show them is “Son of Flubber.”  I find a good selection of these “oldies but goodies” at the library, in case you are wondering.

Anyway, this past week at Target I found “The Neverending Story” on an end-cap for a whopping $5.00!  I narrowed my eyes and reached down for the disc, “Could this really be the movie I was so engrossed in when I was a kid?”  Yep, it was.  And in the cart it went.

I can remember young Bastian in the 1980’s-circa kitchen, his parent scurrying about getting ready for work, yet they were both a little snippy.  Was the kid home sick from school?  Is that why he started reading that giant magical book?  I don’t know…my memory fails me.  But I can recall countless afternoons of watching that movie, the big rock-eater guy, and all of the fantastical action…well, it was entertaining and engrossing.  I never had forgotten the title of the movie, or the way I felt when I watched it: perhaps there is more to life than what we see and hear in our everyday lives?

It’s rated PG, so I figured my girls may get interested in it, too.  So, that’s what’s on tap tonight: pizza and “The Neverending Story.”  (Ahh…another wild and crazy Friday night!)

Now, if I can just get my neverending revisions out of the way, I can give you some better craft-y projects!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I think The Neverending Story is one of the classics of fantasy movies. While it is generally family-friendly, just be aware that parts of it are very scary, far moreso than most kids’ movies today. The way the Nothing devours, well, everything, the huge wolf-monster Gmork snarling from the shadows, the Southern Oracle. Not to mention the parts almost guaranteed to make you cry…which I won’t list here, to avoid spoiling anything you may have forgotten. It’s an emotionally intense movie. But I do love it. I think you’ll really enjoy watching it again!

    • Hi David–thanks for the “warning” about The Neverending Story. I made sure I was giving my girls a blow-by-blow account of it as we watched. Funny, the things that scared them weren’t the “most” scary ones. For example, my oldest was anxious when Bastian was in the bookstore and the creepy old bookkeeper was a bit rough. Anyway looking at the movie from an adult perspective really got me thinking: end of world, economics, conservation, hummm….the movie really has multiple levels.

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