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Cute & Simple: Summer’s End

By Leslie Lindsay

“Summer’s End,” hummm…sort of have mixed feelings about that, and I bet you do, too.  Sigh.

Anyway, I am in the process of slowly making that transition from the open-ended days of summer to creating a sense of structure around here.  And in doing so, I uncovered a project that I meant to tackle months ago.

In June, our family packed up and headed to Mackinac Island, Michigan.  It was short and sweet, but still a vacation.  A slip back in time, if you will.  While we were there, I purchased a picture book for my girls.  (It’s sort of become a tradition.  Book = souvenier).  And so, as a way of prolonging the vacation, I decided to get crafty.

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Sorting through photos digital images, I found a few I liked, downloaded, and printed them off to insert in the book (you can print off on regular ol’ computer paper, by “inserting photo” into a word document).

I think I will add a few blurbs about what we did and funny things we said just so the girls will have a memory of the event.  So, in essence the book really serves several functions: a journal, a photo album, and a storybook.  It’s something that is easy to store and can saved for future generations.  Not bad for $16.99.

Plus, did you know that people who display souveniers in their home are happier?!  That would explain why I save wine corks with the date and event as well as those bleached starfish from Cape Cod.

Hummm….what crafty thing will you do to mark summer’s end?!

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