Cute & Simple (Friday)
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Cute & Simple: Kid art collages

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By Leslie Lindsay

Looking for a quick way to lure your “bored” children away from the television set as summer draws to a close?  Do what we did–the kid art collage.

I had been saving some of my kindergartner’s art work from the last 9 months for just this opportunity.  I purchased some simple gallery-style frames on sale at Michael’s and together, we developed a little theme.  Several pieces of art were about penguins–two from my “big kid” and one from my preschooler.  So we combined them into one piece of art.

Another theme we discovered had to do with bees.  Again, mixed media in terms of the kid who created it and their artistic abilities.  I was amazed at all of the bee-themed art that came home over the course of the last school year!

Finally, I framed just one piece of  art–those of intricately designed and colored mittens.  I love the cute simplicity of this art.  It would make a nice decoration come winter, or perhaps to give-away as a gift.

I plan to make color copies of the 4-season art, cut into individual scenes and adhear to colored notes with envelopes.  It will make a nice gift for camp counselors, babysitters going off to college, and perhaps new teachers.  Create your own greeting for the inside, or leave blank.

Happy weekend and happy crafting!




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