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Write on, Wednesday: Ready to Write

By Leslie Lindsay

For some reason, “Ready to Start that Novel?”  from Writer’s Digest on-line has been sitting in my email in-box since August 19th.  I see it every day I open my email–which is mostly mulitiple times a day.  I haven’t even clicked on it, so it shines nice and bold and black.  August 19th wasn’t really that long ago, not really. Just a whopping 5 days.  That’s nothin’.  But it is something when it’s been on my mind for a long time.  It’s like the writer gods were channeling me when they selected that subject.

I have this novel-in-progress that I am happy about.  I like it.  It has a good, sassy storyline; it has a pretty good plot, and interesting characters.  It has nearly 50,000 words.  So, what’s the problem?  Why can’t I finish the darn thing?!

Well, there’s this little thing called “life” which gets in the way.  I’m at the park with my kids, or the bookmobile, or dropping them off at 1st grade (that was today, btw).  I am making appointments–and keeping those appointments.  I am keeping house and entertaining out-laws in-laws.  I am revising a non-fiction book; my first book.  It’s not that I’m not doing anything, I’m doing a lot.  I’m not writing fiction.  But I want to.  I read books and  get inspired.  I have ideas for more action and more characterization.  But I just can’t find the time.


I suppose the answer is to wake up at the crack of dawn and do it then, when my brain is fresh.  No…not so fresh then.  Plus, my daughter seems to be the Energizer Bunny…and she’ll be in my office in no time, “Whatcha doing, mom?”  I try writing when I am reading by jotting down a few ideas my sunconscious stirs up, but that’s not really writing.  By the time the kids are tucked in bed, I am plum-tuckered out myself…and then there are dishes to do and school lunches to pack and…

So, Writer’s Digest on-line I thank you for getting me going but, well…if you could come to my home and entertain my children and do my housework, then your article on finishing (starting) that novel would be helpful.  In the meantime, I will continue to leave your email subject heading in my in-box as a reminder.

Write on, Wednesday

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