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In My Brain Today: September Mystery Give-a-Way

By Leslie Lindsay

Generosity.  That’s what’s in my brain today.  I don’t know…something about this time of year…the cooler temps, the kids back in school, I just like it.  So, why not extend this good feeling to you all with a give-a-way?!

It’s a school/literacy related one…books, stickers, posters, ideas, pencils, or a combination of each…you never know what you might get…just enter! 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Make a comment in the comments section on today’s blog.  I want to know:  how you found the blog, what day/topic you look forward to the most, ideas for future blog topics, and if there is any suggestions for improvement.
  • Then, if you could help promote greater awareness of the blog that would be totally cool.  You can post a link right on your Facebook page, and say, “Hey, check out this blog!  You might like it.  Thanks!”
  • You have a full week to do this.  Next Thursday, September 15th I will pick at least one lucky winner at random to receive a package of goodies.  We’ll connect over email and I’ll get your address and send it to  you lickety-split.
  • Sound good?!  Okay, then what are you waiting for?!

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday September 8th 2011. 


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