The Teacher is Talking
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The Teacher is Talking: But Mom’s a Yeller!!

By Leslie Lindsay

Welcome to a new “column” of Practical Parenting with a Twist…”The Teacher is Talking.”  Here I hope to share with you some tips on helping your kiddos at home and school…bridging that connection for better, more rounded students.  You’ll find ideas here for how to help your child read smarter, how to talk with  teachers at parent-teacher conferences, the “new math,” (it’s always new to me!!) and more.

Today, I would like to kick off the new column with a guest blog post from (  The article, “Ten Tips for Nannies When Mom is a Yeller,” may speak to you  While this particular article is geared towards nannies, you may still benefit…after all, how many of us parents have yelled at our kids?  I know I am guilty.  Plus, you may indeed have a nanny who could glean a little something from this.

Finally, when we yell at our kids, we are setting a negative example of behavior.  We don’t want our kiddos to think it’s okay to yell when they get frustrated.  Take my ironic example here:

My 6+ year old daughter got mad about something and stomped up the stairs, slamming the door behind her.  I stood at the base of the stairs and hollered, “Hey!  We don’t slam doors in this house, okay?!?”  Hummm…that was totally and completely counterproductive!

We all get frustrated and we all react inappropriately at times…what can you do to turn that around? 


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