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In My Brain Today: A Website, a Website…a dollar in the basket

By Leslie Lindsay

I have a question:  how much should one expect to spend on website design?  I have been given a referral by several writer friends for a website designer/graphic artist whom I happen to adore the work of.  I am thinking a great-lookin, fun, interactive (sort of) website that shares all of the information about my forthcoming book, childhood apraxia of speech, who I am, and what I do, etc.  But….it’s pricey.  Cute as all get out but way more money than I have, being the starving artist that I am.

Who knows, I may end up getting myself an online web design degree and doing it myself.  Though for me, time is an issue.   Maybe you could??!   Check out www.online-web-design-degree.com  for more information on earning an on-line web design degree.

Everything I read says, “Get a website.  Each book you write should have it’s own website.”  Okay–but how do these authors make it all happen when they are making about a buck-a-book?!  What’s more, how do they make it happen when they don’t even have a royalty check in hand yet?

I don’t know…I suppose I could go begging and pleading to my hubby…but this is my thing; I shouldn’t have to ask for money–household money–to promote my non-paycheck-existing “job.”  Trust me, I work hard at what I do, but it doesn’t really  give me any dollars in my pocket.  It truely is a labor of love.

So…it brings me back to my original question:  how much does something like this “typically” cost?  Anyone “out there” wanna take a stab?  Comments welcome : )

Not only that, but I am beginning to think about other marketing and promotion ideas for this book…fliers, notepads, I don’t know…something to get the word out…so to speak!  Sigh…maybe I am putting the cart before the horse.  I mean, the book is in print, it’s just not tangible yet.  And I want it all tangible when the book. is. out.  That all makes sense to me, doesn’t it?!

So, if you have any low-cost ideas, I am all ears. 

And that is what is in my brain today, this beautiful Thursday October 6th 2011. 

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