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Write on, Wednesday! Certain Words

By Leslie Lindsay

Ever notice how there are certain words that make you feel good (hycionic, dawn) and those that make you cringe (moist, languid)…how about laugh?!  In a sort-of-kind-of recent issue of Writer’s Digest (not sure the actual date, ripped this article out), they talk about just that, “How to Add Humor without Really Trying.” 

Here’s a sampling  the words from their list that is sure to illicit a chuckle:

  • bamboozled
  • canoodle
  • cheeky
  • flanker
  • girdle
  • hornswoggle
  • kerplunk
  • knickers
  • lackadaisical
  • monkey
  • noggin
  • persnickity
  • rumpus
  • snarky
  • tater
  • waddle
  • wonky

Back to those definitions…I have no idea what a hornswoggle is.


verb \-ˌswä-gəl\

(From Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary)

Definition of HORNSWOGGLE

transitive verb



  1. <I think we’ve been hornswoggled by that carnival barker.>


origin unknown

First Known Use: circa 1829

another I didn’t know….


noun \ˈflaŋ-kər\

Definition of FLANKER

: a football player stationed wide of the formation slightly behind the line of scrimmage as a pass receiver —called also flanker back

First Known Use of FLANKER

There, learned something new! 

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