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In My Brain Today: Junk Overhaul

By Leslie Lindsay

There is a little something called “junk,” and I have it.  It’s all over my basement.  The prognosis is good: de-clutter and have your husband build a shelf system to store it all.  Take 2 of these and call me in the morning.

I started with my closet last weekend.  Too small, too big, too dorky, too worn.  Even “too sexy” went.  (like when am I ever gonna wear that mega bush-up bra in hot pink again?  Exactly.)  Into the donation bag it went.

I moved in the girls’ closet next.  It’s sort of a “community closet” with a stacked drawer system complete with bins labled for future wear…”5T-winter,” “6 winter-spring transition,” and so forth.  It’s definitely a project.  One I sort of detest.  I know, I know…if I would just stop shopping for these girls, it’s wouldn’t be such an issue.

Then I decided to tackle the basement playroom.  It’s been a long time coming.  I went into my storage area of the basement and pulled out all of the tubs I had used for “Toy Trade Tuesday.”  Those bins were marked by toy theme, grouping all “camping/environment” toys in one, “farm-related,” “dress-up,” etc.  I had about 8 different themes that rotated on a weekly basis (Tuesday, actually).  I just decided that I was “done” with that.  Done.  So, I opened each and every box.  I got rid of a ton of toys that are no longer developmentally appropriate for my kids.  I got rid of things that were missing pieces and parts, and looked too dumb for even me to play with.  Most were donated to GoodWill, some select few were taken to Once Upon a Child.  And a good handful just went to the garbage.


Well, almost.  Next, it’s my office….sigh! 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday October 27th. 

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