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Write On, Wednesday: Mind-boggling

By Leslie Lindsay

I really like to write.  No surprise there, right?!  I don’t know, but for me writing is a way to ground myself, to let all of those thoughts and ideas that are circutlating in my mind congeal into one soild thought.  It’s mind-clearing.  I love it.

But sometimes it’s mind-boggling.  Take for example, navigating a series of revisions from my editor.  What if I have more than one “editor” who thinks she knows best?  What if their ideas and comments don’t fall congruently on the page?  What if they have different interpretations?  Humm…then my mind is not clear, it is boggled.

What if I want to add something to my text but I need permission for it first?   For example, I want a graphic in my book…so I go to the illustrator and try to get permission, only I can’t find the illustrator’s contact information anywhere on the Internet.  Huh?!!  That’s right–she’s got graphics and stuff “out there,” but makes it so hard for anyone to get ahold of her, it may not be worth the hassel.

Or, what about how I seem to have forgotten Chicago Manual vs. APA style for citing references.  Does the journal title go first, or is it the title of the article?  And what is R.A.’s first name, anyway?!

You see, sometimes–like everything–writing can get the best of you. 

Write on, Wednesday!

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