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In My Brain Today: One of those Days

By Leslie Lindsay

You may think with a heading of “one of those days,” I am going to share something that isn’t going well.  Oh, quite the contrare…you see, it is one of those days in which I have a lot of ideas.  And not a lot of time. (Ah, such the life of a mommy).

After dropping my kids off at school, I headed over to Hobby Lobby.  It’s one of the rare stores that opens at 9am.  So, being one of the first to arrive at Hobby Lobby, I had the place to myself.  Yes–let the creative juices flow!!  But the problem is: I get too many ideas while I am there.

For example, I see something cute that I makes me think, “Oh yes, I could use this for our Christmas card blurb.”  Into the cart it goes.  Moving along to the next aisle, I see something that strikes me for my daughter’s upcoming January Birthday.  Now I know Janaury is still several months (and major holidays) away, but busy moms gotta start now lest it won’t get done.  Into the cart it goes.

Moving along, I see some cute things that would work beautifully in a clinic room.  A what?!  You see, recently the owner of Kate’s former speech clinic has asked for some ideas for decorating her clinic rooms.  Check!  Got plenty of them now.  Or…maybe I should just redecorate the girls’ rooms at a home?  Naahh…no time.

And then I see these adorable plain glass jars ala cookie jar style.  Hummm.  Oh, yes!  These would make perfect save-spend-college-charity jars for the girls.  And since we just started them on an allowance, this will be perfect.  We can decorate with paint pens (okay, best leave the paint pens to mom), but maybe they can create some cute felt flowers to attach to the jar, or glue on some snazzy Shrinky-Dinks?  Done.

You may be thinking, “Holy cow!  This girl is manic.”  But I am not.  I am just planning ahead.  It’s one of those days.  The creative juices are a-flowin.’  When the time comes, I will pull out my materials and get crackin.’  Because you see, I don’t really have time.  Soon it will be time to grab the kiddos from school and head to soccer.

But for now, well…I think I need to rest.  It is one of those days.

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday Novemeber 10th 2011. 

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