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In My Brain Today: The Law of 7s

By Leslie Lindsay

I’m not sure if there is any true, “proof” to this. But have you ever noticed how there is something magically mysterious about the number 7?  It’s mentioned in the Bible several times, it comes up in symmetry of design…(as does the number 3) and then there’s the “7-year itch” of course!

But for me, well I am thinking more about the “seven year body renewal theory” I have heard for most of my life.  That is, the idea that every seven years (give or take 1 or 2), one’s body is Every cell, every fiber, every thing in one’s body is sort of re-constructed.  Now, I don’t know any medical research off the top of my head (ha–even if I had learned that in nurisng school, it would be long gone by now…as that was more than seven years ago!).

So, here’s the thing:  I feel the need to revamp my life right now.  I didn’t know why until I got to chatting with an indivudal at my local coffee shop.  We got to discussing this idea of the 7-year body renewal and I decided that there really must be something to it.

For example, the 7-year thing definitely applies to me now as I look at my home.  Yep.  I am wanting to get rid of stuff.  Lots of stuff and replace with newer things.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a reason to redecorate (or maybe it is).  Some of these things that I loved 7 years ago, just aren’t speaking to me anymore.  Instead, my eyes are falling on items that I hadn’t previously felt much affinity towards–like plaid, for example.  Now I am in love with plaid, even purchasing plaid wrapping paper for the upcoming holidays.

I have a need to update the ol’ wardrobe, because well…in the past seven years I have had two babies which inevitably changed my body.  Those clothes hanging in my closet no longer feel like “me,” or look like “me.”  Interesting, most of the ones I am no longer attracted to happen to be from…you guessed it–about 7 years ago!

Not only that, but I got highlights recently.  Grays are starting to choke out the honey-blonde streaks I had once upon a time…about 7 years ago.

You see, I could go on and on about this on a superficial level, but deep down inside I feel like there is something more to it.

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday November 17th 2011. 

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