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In My Brain Today: Dog Barf and Daughters

By Leslie Lindsay

There is something about barf that makes me well…want to barf myself.  I know this is a totally inappropriate comment and completely gross, but it’s just a fact of life.

As I lay slumbering away in my darkened room, I hear my oldest daughter come into my room, “Mom, I am sorry to wake you.  But I just had to tell you that Sally threw up.  In my room.  It’s so gross, mom.”  I sighed and rolled over, wiping the crud from my eyes and looking at the alarm clock.  5:00 a.m.  on-the-dot.  Which meant is was really earlier than that as my hubby likes to set the clock a few minutes ahead of time.  (not my preferred idea of being on time).

I told my sweet daughter that I understand it’s gross that the dog threw up in her room, but I wasn’t about to start my day by scrubbing dog barf out of the carpet.  No thanks.  “Can this wait till morning?”

“It is morning,” chirpped my early bird.  She had hauled her clothes into my room to put them on, along with her blankie and beloved stuffed dog, “It’s just too yucky in my room to get dressed.”

Sure, I understood.  My daughter managed to tell me everything she could think of regarding the dog being sick, “I bet she ate something funny….why would she do it in my room…mom it’s gross.  There’s a big pile of it in the…what do you call it…dining room??  It’s like a triangle of dog barf.  You should see it!”

She prattled on and on about some of it being in her dog bed, on the family room floor, and a little in the upstairs landing. 


I groaned and made an sound not unlike the snoring, barfing dog who now layed at the foot of my bed. 

“I am really sorry she got sick in  your room,” I soothed, half asleep.

“Yeah, mom.  And I can’t find my socks.  Do you know where they are?”

Ummm…humm…sure, let me just catch a few more winks before I fly out out of bed to Green-Machine the barf out of your carpet and search for your socks.  Just what I was thinking about doing at 5 a.m.

So, Sally Mae Lindsay Louise we are going to the vet today.  Not that I don’t have enough to do today…between volunteering at the young author’s at the elementary school, scrubbing barf out of the carpet, and now a load of unsolicited laundry (dog bed covering), finishing a book for book group (it’s tonight and I have 30 pages to go), shuttling kids to and from soccer, and playing Santa-gets-it-all-done all while daddy travels for work…yes, a mommy’s job is never done.

Even for dog-ters.  (daughters)

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday December 8 2011. 

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