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In My Brain Today: My Desk

By Leslie Lindsay

I love my desk.  I purchased it at Sam’s Club right out of college.  It was with me at my first “big girl” apartment in Rochester, Minnesota where I was an R.N. at the Mayo Clinic.  I started writing my memoir on it.  (Ha–do you find that sort of ironic?  Writing a memoir at the ripe ‘ol age of 23?  Well, for those of you who know me personally, you’ll know I have plenty of memoir material).

Not only that, but I have penned my first book at this desk (in combination with various coffee shop tables).  It has meaning to me.  It is worn in the area where my right (write?) wrist rests and rubs along the desk.  I has seen many moments–happy ones and sad ones and perhaps a tear or two, maybe a bang of fist.

I love that my hound is lying content on the floor, grunting here and there as she sleeps a deep dog sleep, sometimes running her stubby legs in fast succession as though she is chasing after a rabbit.

But right now, I am annoyed with my desk.  It is covered with everything you can imagine.  For a naturally neat person, this is driving me a bit bonkers.  Here’s what is on my mind/desk:

  • Upcoming support group meetings for apraxia
  • ISHA member information
  • Critiques from Tuesday nights’ writers group.  I have yet to read what anyone even had to say about my novel-in-progress (probably that it stinks and I should start all over)
  • Book, “Chacters, Emotion, and Viewpoint.”  Completed reading, but now need to act on what I learned.
  • My favorite quotes from Hugh Lauries…swoon!
  • Hoe to direct mail SLPs with pediatric practices so I can market my own book
  • Notes from a phone  call with my editor
  • An address to send an ivite to for the book launch party
  • Oh, and more stamps–because as it would be–the darn invites cost $.65 to mail instead of inly $.45.
  • A dead cordless phone
  • My 5yo daughter’s glittery “pet rock.”
  • A family photo
  • A photo of me and my honey in Italy–pregnant with “Baby Kate,” though just barely…

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday February 23rd 2012


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