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The Teacher is Talking: Family Game Night

By Leslie Lindsay

Every so often, we call a “family game night” at our house.  Old-fashioned, classic fun is what it is, but there is an element of education, too.  In fact, our first grade teacher does similar things in her classroom.

Here’s the deal: 

  • Everything you do with your children can be educational.  Nope, it doesn’t have to be a flashcard or say, “education” on the packaging.
  • When learning is fun and experiential, it actually “sinks in” more than traditional sit-and-learn-methods.
  • Family games introduce concepts that can be used in everyday experiences–things that your children will use to build good foundations.  For example, a game of dominoes teaches matching, number recognition (“oh 5 looks like four with a single [dot]  in the middle!” or “6 is really two rows of three”), strategy, turn-taking, etc.
  • Turn-taking, good-sportsmanship, and even pre-reading skills can all be acquired through games you participate in with kids. 
  • Some of our personal favorites are:
  • Zingo!  Try also Zingo Numbers! 
  • Sequence for Kids
  • Scrabble Scoop
  • Toot and Otto

 (image retrieved 3.6.12 by Hasbro.com)

Here’s an article by  Nannyservices.org on the benefits of a popular children’s game spanning the generations: Candyland.


So why not bust out the games tonight?!  Make it fun and educational! 

Class dismissed! 

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