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In My Brain Today: Days like These

By Leslie Lindsay

There are days that just dont’ work, right?  Well, today is one of those days.  The only thing that got me out of bed today was, “Oh, yeah…we have some of that new cinnamon sugar butter.  Maybe I can put some on my 5-year old’s waffle and steal a few bites for myself.”  Really.  That’s what got me out of bed today.  Never mind the fact that it’s a beautiful May day.

After dropping the darling cherubs off at their varioius schools this morning, I headed to Hobby Lobby where I was on the hunt for: large pinecones (maybe the wrong time of year),  a cool chalkboard for the laundry room, and perhaps some inspiration for the plant ledge in the master bedroom.  Nada.  Ladies and gentlemen, this may be the first time I ever walked out of Hobby Lobby empty-handed.

The gas station was the next stop.  Good news:  the regular fuel is now down to just $3.87/gallon.  See where this is going?

Home to stare at the dorky plant ledge.  I climbed up all 12ft of my bedroom wall and studied it.  Dusty.  Gross.  Uninspired.  I climb back down and stare at my hound who was staring at me groaning.  I can hear her now, “What are you doing, lady?  When you can just lie around like a 60 lb sack of potatoes.”  I shrug my shoulders, “What?!  I want to do something with this space.”  More groaning.  Me, then her.

So, I go grab the empty trashcans on the curb.  I get inspired to do a little weeding.  Plonk, plonk, ugh!  I stand back, shake my head in dissatisfaction, rub my eyes.  I am not in the mood for this.  Back inside.  The hound wants a snack.  She dances every so delicately by the pantry.  Will dance for bone.  I give her one and lead her to the backyard where she is happy as a lark chomping on something that smells like bacon bits.  What ev.

And then to the computer.  Here I try to do three or four very specific tasks but somehow get distracted by very dumb things.  An email here, a listserv comment there.  I check my Facebook more times than I should because it’s easier than, say working on my novel.  Blah.

And now I have to go and pick up my darling preschooler.  So much for a productive day.  Maybe I will find some chocolate.  That’s bound to help, right?!

And that’s what’s in my brain today, May 10th 2012. 



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