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In My Brain Today: Hanging with the Hound

By Leslie Lindsay

I really wish I had more to report today.  Blame it on the heat, because my brain is just not funtioning like I think it should.  Not that it’s particularly brillant brain in the first place, but the heat is really dulling it down. 

The dishes are sitting in the sink a little longer than I’d like to admit.  The laundry has gone unfolded as it just sits in a heap inside the dryer.  (I don’t even want to turn the thing on to fluff up the garmets inside…more heat!).  And I really haven’t wanted to cook, either.  In fact, one night this past week I am sad to say, we had cereal for supper–although the kids thought that was great fun.  Today, it’s too hot to even go to the pool.  Instead, we are going to the library to finally sign up for the summer reading program, and then get hair cuts.  Because, who needs long hair when it’s 5 million degrees out?!

(image retrieved from on 7.05.12)Basset Hound  - basset-hounds Icon

All I want to do is read.  And nap.  And sit in a cool office to write.  And look lovingly down at my darling writing companion, Sally Mae who happens to be the best hound in town. 

For more information on the heat, how to protect yourself and stay cool, see these websites: 



  1. Mary GIlene says

    Hi Leslie,

    I am from CIncinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) in Cincinnati, Ohio and would like to know how to get in touch with you to ask permission to use some of the home programs in your book in our Speech-Language Pathology division.

    • Hello Mary,
      I am honored to hear that you would be interested in adapting some of my ideas in your Speech-Language Pathology Division. I will email you privately.
      Thank you for your interest!

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