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In My Brain Today: Random thoughts by Leslie Lindsay

By Leslie Lindsay

Most days, I have plently in my brain, but today–well–today there isn’t much.  Okay, maybe I lied:

  • I am sad that my 5 yo has a sunburn because she is just 5 and doesn’t know when or how to reapply sunscreen when she is at day camp, and apparently neither does her counselor. 

  • I am feeling a little like I might be a “bad mom” for sending her to day camp with her older sister in the first place.  This morning when I woke her up, she threw her soft arms around my neck and gave me a big smile.  Her body was warm (from the sunburn?) and cuddly.  I honestly didn’t want to let her go.


  • My yoga instructor tells us that she is the kind of mom who really likes having her son around…that it’s hard for her to send him to school all day (and he’s a 6th grader)…my mommy guilt is cranking way up.


  • My dog is still cute.  In fact, I think I am going to enter her into a “cutest dog” contest at her vet clinic.  Winner gets $150 to the clinic…and those of you who have pets know that’s a drop in the bucket.  Which reminds me…she had a urinanalysis yesterday to rule out a UTI.  Talk about putting drops in bucket.

(this is not my dog, but I do have a basset….this image is from

Photo: Close-up of a puppy

  • I still have a novel to write and revise.  It’s coming along.  I took my laptop to my kids’ swim lessons last evening.  While they were swimming, I was frantically looking for my daughter’s lost swimming bottoms in three different lost&found bins (no luck) and then sitting in the health club’s cafe–not for a smoothie infused with protein powder–but to revise, revise, revise! 

(image retrieved from

  • I think I ready for fall…randomally, I want a pumpkin chai.  Maybe some carrot cake.  But it’s only July.  And it’s hot.  And I have some time before I can nosh on carbs and wear my boots. 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday July 26th 2012. 


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