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In My Brain Today: I’ve Had It!

By Leslie Lindsay

School may be less than a month old around our house, but it already feels stale.  And school was something we were all looking forward to.  Seems we can’t be happy…summer is too long and intense and now that school is here, well, it’s just too darn hard.  I give up.

Yep–still dealing with my kindergarten student.  You know, the over-eager, super-precocious kid who used to tell me in preschool, “Don’t worry mom, the kids always come back.”  Yeah.  That’s the one who cries at night in bed and tells me how awful kindergarten is and has no appetite for breakfast, clinging instead to me as I bustle about the kitchen packing lunches all while dodging a bird-doggin’ hound.  Of course, since I apparently “gave more attention to Kelly (the kindergartner),” my 2nd grader is all upset, “You love her more!” she threatens. 

Calgon…take me away!! (image retrieved from where you can learn more about the history of Calgon, etc. 9.6.12) 

Okay, so then it was off the gym where I blew off a little steam.  Home.  Sort through papers and emails to send a note to the school social worker because I don’t really know what else to do with my little 5-year-old.  Scope-creep.  Because then I spend the next 15 or so minutes sorting through all of the welcome packets from school and then decide, “Hell, this whole area [in the kitchen] needs a re-vamping.” 

The girls’ bathroom is on my to-do list for today.  Okay, it’s been on my list for the last month.  Can I even tell you how icky-grody-gross the toilet was?!  Oh, too much information?!?  Sorry.  Watermelon-scented toothpaste caked the sink and vanity, loose red hairs floated all about, sticking to the ceramic tile.  Out came the Magic Eraser.  Out came the Clorox (bleach-free) wipes…out came the toilet bowl cleaner…and somehow I got a big ol’ bleach stain on my black tee-shirt.  Oh, well…didn’t like that shit shirt much. 


It's a dirty job, but you can do it without adding toxins to your home. (Image retrieved from 9.6.12). 

So…nevermind the fact that I would like to do something sorta-kinda productive today.  Nevermind that fact that I feel like a decapitated fowl. 

I’ve had it.

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday September 6th 2012. 



  1. Allow me to say…I am with you! We’ve been back st school for 3 days and last night both girls had complete meltdowns about homework, followed by my meltdown. UGH. So, what’s up with.Kindergarten?

    • I know! Kindergarten, right?! Well…I think it’s a mommy-kid separation issues, navigating lunch (she’s in full-day), and increased academic expectations. Hang in there!! Transitions–though usually a good thing–can be rough! –Leslie > Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 21:03:31 +0000 > To: >

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