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Write on, Wednesday!

By Leslie Lindsay


Know how there are some days you just want to write?  There’s an idea that is percolating in your brain and you just gotta get it down?  I love those days. 

I am not having one.  Well, I kind of am.  I have these ideas for my next project.  Nope, not the one I am revising that doesn’t even have agent representation yet.  But my next-next project.  Do I abandon my current revisions suggested from writing buddy, Christine to tackle those ideas for the future project?  It does, after all have a little bit of a seasonal creep theme (think: haunted). 

Yet, I feel obligated to do more with my work-in-progress before I tackle my percolate-in-progress.

Yes, us writer folks always have several ideas brewin’. 

Such a dilemma. 

Of course, I have spent the better part of the last two hours catching up on email.  And promoting the other book I have out–which has nothing to do with fiction–but rather a real-life problem affecting children and their families: childhood apraxia of speech (CAS). 

So, have I been writing?  You bet!  Am I a writer–of course.  It’s just now I am learning there isn’t enough time in the day to wear all the hats of a writer.  Whew! 

Write on, Wednesday!

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