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In My Brain Today: You are What you Eat…or Do

By Leslie Lindsay

(image source: Cartoon

You’ve heard this adage before: “You are what you eat.”  (And if that were the case, I’d be a big ol’ hunk of pumpkin bread and veggie chips from Trader Joes).  BUT have you heard this one: “You are what you do all day?” 

Ohhh…that’s a new one to you, too?  I know the feeling.  Just when I thought I’d heard it all…

And so it got me thinking.  I am what I do all day.  I am.  What. I do.  All day.  In that case, I am a cornucopia of people, careers, and ideas.  Some may call that schizophrenic.  (No comment, please).  From mom to dog-mom and slave-to-my-family, to educator (“you make an ‘m’ like a camel…two big humps”) to housekeeper and  post office girl, and friend, wife, sister, daughter, publicist, author, writer,…sigh…it’s down-right exhausting.  And that really  is really  the tip-of-the-iceburg. 

I want to be a writer who moms, not a mom who writes.  I want to be the size I was when I graduated college again.  You, too?!  I get it. 

But, really when it comes down to it, I won’t let some goofy saying shape who I am or how I see myself.  We are all unique.  We all do a ton of stuff all day, everyday to make the world go ’round.  There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘left’ or ‘best’ way of doing it.  We just do. 

And we do it gladly. 

And we are. 



Say we are. 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday October 4th 2012. 

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