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Happy New Year!!

By Leslie Lindsay RGB Happy New Year 2013 HD Wallpaper(image source: http://www.okwalls.com/rgb-happy-new-year-2013-hd-wallpaper/rgb-happy-new-year-2013-hd-wallpaper/)

  • Happy 2013!!  I’m Leslie–a mom, wife, blogger, basset hound lover, and author of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA (Woodbine House, 2012).  The book was most definitetly a labor of love as my oldest daughter–now 7 1/2 years–and doing great–struggled with CAS.  There’s also a companion Facebook page for the book.  Check it out here:  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=hp#!/pages/Speaking-of-Apraxia-A-Parents-Guide-to-Childhood-Apraxia-of-Speech/235772599837084 Are you also walking the CAS path?  A pediatric SLP?  Follow along on “Apraxia Mondays.”  Have ideas for this segment of the blog?  Want to be featured as an “apraxia parent?”  Would you like to highlight some of your SLP achievements, tips, and ideas as a guest blogger?  Just shoot me an email or leave a comment.  leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com

Write on, Wednesday:  Imagine a Better Writer

  • I am feverishly working on my second book–a novel (women’s fiction), which is a big shift from my first book.  You’ll see glimpses of this work-in-progress on my “Fiction Friday” blogs.  And since I write, I read.  You may benefit from that , as I often get inside scoops on the next up-and-coming books and authors.  Sometimes I post author interviews, tips & tricks for writing from conferences, and more.  You’ll see some of that popping up on “Write On, Wednesday!”  If you’d like  your work or tips featured, just send me an email leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com

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  • As a mom of two busy little girls–Kate (2nd grade, 7+ years) and Kelly, (full-day kindergarten, almost 6 years), and so that means I am pretty crazy about education and raising girls, developing self-esteem, raising their confidence, and more.  You’ll find related posts on “The Teacher is Talking,” which typically runs on Tuesdays.  Got some inside scoop you’d be willing to share?  Are you a teacher or educator?  Do you care about 6c (1)children’s self-esteem?  Do you have a book you want highlighted on this topic?  You guessed it–send me an email or post a comment! (leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com)


I am excited to embark on my 4th year of blogging.  I couldn’t do it without you, dear readers.  Best wishes to you and yours in 2013. 

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