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Apraxia Monday: Moved to a NEW site!

By Leslie Lindsay Soccer and organizing Fall 2011 105

Happy Monday!!  I have some exciting news–Apraxia Monday now has it’s very own website.  I started thinking that apraxia was blurring a little with my life as a writer and so wanted to give it it’s own distinct place and website address.  You can now access apraxia-related things at www.speakingofapraxia.com Hooray! 

The site itself is under construction and will be for awhile as I transition content from this site to that site.  So, if there is something in the archives you are looking for at the new place, check in here for the next few months–at least till things get settled. It’s just like moving in real-life.  : ) 

As always, the new site will continue to post all things related to apraxia, including interviews of SLPs, products, ideas, real-life examples and experiences, and content from the book, SPEAKING OF APRAXIA. 

If you have any ideas about things you’d like to see, please please let me know!  This could be any number of things:

  • Your personal story with apraxia
  • A tip sheet
  • Author or SLP interviews
  • Games and/or toys you’ve found particularly helpful in your apraxia journey
  • Book reviews
  • Struggles and how you (or your child) overcame them

I am looking for apraxia story ideas or guest bloggers.  If you want to step up to the plate, let me know!!  Drop me a line at leslie_lindsay@hotmail.com and I will get back to asap. 

In the meantime, I will still be posting “The Teacher is Talking on Tuesdays” here at this site (www.leslielindsay.com).  If you’ve found that topic helpful on your apraxia journey, this is the site you’ll come to to find that content. 

Thank you for being loyal readers and for putting up with my move!


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