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Write on, Wednesday: A Second Grade Intro to Fiction Writing

By Leslie Lindsay Misc Feb-March 2013 012

At then end of this past school year, my newly-minted little 3rd grader came home with a bag full of stuff from 2nd grade.  In it, I came across this cute little construction paper project which must have been created in her Word Study unit.  I just had to share!  My second-grader was learning all of these wonderful writing terms like: 

  • The main character:  The Girl in Gooney Bird Green, a book they were reading as a class.
  • Secondary character: the parents….
  • Flashback
  • Flashforward
  • Suspense

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I was totally impressed!  Did you learn these components of fiction writing as early as 8 years old?  I don’t think I did! 

Just think of what kind of jump-start our youngest little authors may have over those who didn’t get started this young…that is, if she wants to be a writer! 

Looking at these school papers got me interested in looking at my own work-in-progress, as elementary as that may be.  Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Who are my main characters?  Secondary ones?  Teriatry characters?  What purpose do they all have?  Are they all necessary? 
  • How about suspense?  Do I have it?  How much?  Is the story–and suspense–paced right? 
  • Do I have any strong messages I want my reader to take away from reading this book (themes)?  What are they? How effective are my flashbacks (backstory)?  Do I have too much?  Too little?  Can I reveal it in the right amount of time, considering pacing? 
  • And come to think of it–I am not sure if I have any flashforwards.

Sometimes, writing a novel can be very straightforward–hey, if they are teaching it to our 2nd graders, an adult surely can do it, right?!

Write on, Wednesday! 



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