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Fiction Friday: Matt Wertz’s Music Meets Leslie’s Novel

By Leslie Lindsay 

Hope y’all liked the interview of singer/songwriter Matt Wertz yesterday…you’re in for another treat as I share a little more about his newest album, HEATWAVE “coming in hot” August 27th, 2013.  MWertz_Heatwave_CVR

As a writer (and music lover), I knew I was onto something when I stumbled across Matt’s music several years ago–quite honestly by accident.  It was one of those “if you like this, then you may like that…”  I clicked on the preview, liked what I heard, and have been a fan since. 

Novelists have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves for writing inspiration.  For some, it may be an on-going journal, an idea drawer filled with scraps of paper, remnants of writing, a collage of images one hopes to evoke through words. 

For me, it’s music (okay, I confess–I use all methods above as well).  I downloaded Matt’s tunes onto my iPod, slipped a moniker on the playlist: “Slippery Slope Inspiration” (working title of my novel), and plugged my ears.  I closed my eyes and got lost in the lyrics, the beat; an entire chapter unfolded in my mind’s eye, my fingers itching to get to the keyboard breaking my so-called “writer’s block.”

Before I share the excerpt from Slippery Slope, thought you’d want to know which Matt Wertz’s song is the backdrop for this scene:  GET TO YOU. (To listen and watch video of Matt, his truck and guitar, click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K83RJdDhgU8)  So, I asked Matt about it, specifically if the song was written for–or with–anyone in mind.   Here’s what he said:

“Honestly, that song wasn’t written about any one person in particular, but rather an emotion that I think all of us have felt to some degree, whether it’s a literal ‘I need to get to this location where this person is’ or a more figurative ‘I’m trying to get through to you- trying to reach your heart, to understand you, to connect on a deeper level.’ That song was written to the drum groove that I had programmed out, and it really acted as the inspiration. Myself and Brandon Hood and Melissa Peirce sat on my front porch in Nashville and wrote that one- we knew we had something great right away!”

Without further adieu, here’s a glimpse of my chapter…

“My truck cruises through the blackened night, memories of Annie Kelley pulsing through my head.  Another open highway, another midnight road.  My thumbs pound the steering wheel.  I’ve got the windows down, cool air blowing through the cab.  I stroke my chin and slip in a CD. 

The Wallflowers.  College—Freshman Year.  Me and Cinderella— that was me and Annie.  We weren’t always right together, but that didn’t mean we were wrong.   Annie feels like this old truck—comfortable, worn, full of memories.  Mine. 

The headlights from an oncoming vehicle shine on my left hand, bringing my wedding band into focus, a blinding reminder that I am a married. To someone other than Annie Kelley.  I shake off the thought and press on.

I’ve got to get to her.  I throw the truck into fifth, heading east on I-74 She’s still in Georgia, I’m sure.  She’d never leave; it’s all she’s ever known.  The green mile-markers pass me by, my heart beats in my chest and I grip the wheel a little tighter.  Inhaling through my nose, I fling my head back onto the headrest.  I’ll need a Red Bull soon.” 

WERTZ-9032a.thumbFor more information about Matt’s upcoming album, check out this article on his vintage-inspired, acid-washed 1980’s jangly–pop sound.  It’s a Heatwave, alright.  http://bullhornpublicity.com/archives/837

To learn about Matt’s fall tour dates, check here:  www.mattwertz.com

This old-school Matt Wertz infomercial, reminiscent of Time Life music just cracks me up.  Must Watch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvTWwjXNZRQ

To Follow him on Twitter@mattwertz

And this…absolutely, 100% sweet.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbpgb4LbOak

Special thanks to Matt Wertz and Bullhorn Publicity for the opportunity to collaborate.

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