Just for Moms on Wednesday: Getting Warmer

Remember when you were a kid and you played this game where the other player would shout out, “Getting warmer….getting colder…freezing!”  You’d back up and go to where things were warmer hoping to find the lost item or the surprise or whatever it was you were searching for? 

Bear with me–and that analogy–for a moment. 

As parents we are constantly dividing our time between our kids, our spouse or significant other, household maintenance and routines, and work.  It gets exhausting.  It gets hard.  It gets boring.  And sometimes we just need to do something that feels “warm.” 

Think about this to-do list, for example: drive the kids to school, pick up dry cleaning, organize the basement store room, pay bills, scrub the toilets, take out the trash, fill the soap dispensers, call the insurance comapany (again), get this kid to speech, help with homework…exhausting, huh?  Typical–yes. 

Sometimes, I don’t want to do it.  Bet you feel the same way, too.  So, I started thinking back to this childhood game of warm–warmer–hot–you’re on fire!  And I use that as my little guage as to what item on my to-do list to tackle first.   Think of it as “mommy goal setting.”  What is it that you do that makes you feel you are “on fire?”  I can tell you this–it’s not scrubbing the toilets and refilling the soap dispensers! 

Sure, things like this need to get done and the bills do need to get paid and kids do need to get to school.  But if there is something on your to-do list that can wait–and I am sure there is at least one of them–then let it wait.  Pull out your mental priority list of “warm-warmer–on fire” and mark off an item you really feel hot about. 

For me–right now–it’s taking an inventory of all of my newly purchased party decorations and putting together goody bags for my 5-year old’s upcoming Birthday party.  In my yoga pants.  With no make-up.  Now isn’t that hot?! 

How do you manage the day-to-day and maintain your hotness?  Let us know by posting a comment!

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