500 Decisions A Day

Did you ever stop to count how many decisions you make each day?  Well, my friend–it’s a lot.  As parents we make at least 500 decisions a day regarding rearing our ridiculously cute rugrats.  I didn’t really tally up all of the decisions I made in a day, if you are wondering, I heard the statistic somewhere and I believe it.  In fact, I wonder if that’s an understatement?! 

From what to dress our kids in (pants or capris to sweat shirt or rain jacket) to what to feed them (mac and cheese or PB&J) to more important things like where to go for speech therapy or whether full day kindergarten a viable option for our kids, the decisions we make for and with our kids is well, draining. 

While we are on the topic of large numbers, did you know that we breathe about 24,000 breaths a day and blink around 17,000 times a day?  Plus those 500 parenting decisions a day…no wonder I feel exhausted once 9pm rolls around! 

Here’s the point: breathe (become cognizant of some of those 24,000 breaths).  Close your eyes (yep, rest those 17,000 blinks).  And make a decision to calm your thoughts–all 500+ of them.  Sigh.

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