In My Brain Today

Here’s some more self-disclosing information….after dropping my daughter off at preschool this morning, I ran through the Starbucks drive-thru and, as usual was overwhelmed by the choices they have.  I never know how to order these fancy coffee drinks!  Whipped, blended, frappe-ed, cold, hot, skim, whole, soy, flavor shots…argh!!  It’s mind boggling.  I determined that Starbucks is like the Burger King of coffee.  Have it your way. 

As I was nibbling on the petite vanilla scone and full-fat Black Cherry Mocha, I felt the flub of my post-baby belly bulging out over my pants and gave it a little squish.  Doggone it–why did I stop at Starbucks?!  

It’s because my girls (the very two that contributed to the making of that flub) kept me up last night–scared of shadows and feeling hot, and wanting to read their new library books that we just picked out earlier that day–but in my bed with me.  Of course, I had to read those books and talk about every little detail on the page and be interrupted every third word for their commentary.  And so, there we were, me and my girls, having a bit of a slumber party in bed while my husband was in D.C. on business.  Sort of sweet, but sort of annoying since bedtime is my only time to be just me and not “kid entertainer extraordinaire.”   And I was draggin’ this morning. 

So Starbucks is Burger King without the burgers and my tummy is flabbier than ever, and there is a mom at preschool drop-off who has great buns and legs.  But it’s not me.

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