Day #1 of Pre-Birthday Celebration

There’s a soon-t0-be 5-year old in our house.  We have been hearing about this party for months now….from the Birthday Girl, of course.  I have been in the midst of getting everything ready for the big day–and that’s when it dawned on me that a kids’ Birthday isn’t just one day of festivities, but several.  What?!  I was lucky to get a card and a few streamers along with a gift or two from my parents.  Even luckier if we had a full-blown party.  It’s different now, for some reason…

Let me explain the multiple day festivities that all lead up to one little redhead turning five. 

Day #1: Professional Portrait Day…it became a tradition when Kate was just 3 months old—having professional photos taken on milestone “birthdays” 3 mos then 6 mos…9 mos…a year!  After that, it was bi-annaul, and now we head in once a year to capture those every changing expressions. 

Day#2: Spoiled by Papa and Nana…akin to the excitement of welcoming the first Grandbaby into the world, they always make the trek to celebrate the next new year.  Treats, goodies, gifts, and hugs–being spoiled by Papa and Nana can’t be beat! 

Day #3: Party with the Kids…the Grandparents served as the “Gateway to Birthday Land,” and now the party can begin!   Tradtional at-home birthday party this time around with favors, cake, activities, and lots of decorations–and friends, too! 

Day #4: Five-Year Old Check-Up…off to see the pediatrician where we will get those Kindgarten registration forms filled out and (hopefully) a clean bill of health. 

Day #5:  The “Real” Birthday (April 20)….5:45am marks the beginning of the day Kate was brought into the world!  What we’ll do to celebrate…snacks at school brought in by mom, special lunch out with mom and dad where we will review her baby book.  Later that day we will look through her “4-5 year old box” of drawings, momentos, cards, ticket stubs, photographs and talk about how much she has changed and progressed in the last year.  We’ll top it off with a new mark on the growth chart, a kiss and call it a day…(or several) of Birthday Fun! 

The festivities start today, so cheers to Day #1 of Pre-Birthday Celebration, Kate Riley!

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