Look Who’s 5 Today!

I thought I might burst into tears when my first little baby moved up to “Big Kid” Status, crossing over the threshold of toddler/preschooler to the milestone year of five.  But I didn’t.  Though there have been times I have come close.  Five…there are books written about being 5–and we’ve read them.  Five…it’s half a decade.  Five…I remember being 5 and it doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago!  But it was.  I sort of feel like an imposter of a parent…I mean, my parents seemed old back then.  They did grown-up things like go to work, buy groceries, pay bills, take care of the house and yard…that can’t possibly be me, can it?!?  It is really me who takes care of my family?  Dresses them, bathes them?  Makes sure the checks get written to send them to summer camp?  No…that must be someone else….someone more grown-up and responsible, right? 

Well, it’s not.  I guess by my daughter turning 5, not only has she crossed over to “Big Kid Land” (though I can still hold on the the fact that she’s not yet in kindergarten), but I think I slid into “More-Seasoned Mom Status”.     It’s not that I am done growing as a mother.  Oh, no…I know mothering continues to evolve each and every day, each and every stage of our child’s lives…and each stage of our own personal growth.  But, when it gets right down to it, five is still a big milestone.  Thanks, Kate for giving me the opportunity to help you grow–and thanks for helping me along the way! 

Here are some pictures of how we celebrated:

Kate and Me

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