Time to Get Dirty, Moms (and Kids)

Tomorrow marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day–yep, that’s right–the world’s first Earth Day was celebrated on Thursday, April 22, 1970.  Ever stop to wonder just how much the Earth has changed since 1970?  Do you believe it has…or is it just our perception that’s changed?  Well, that’s a big question and I’ll bet a good discussion at your local  playground.  Since Wednesday’s posts are typically mom-centered, what’s in it for you this Earth Day?  Here are some ideas you can do alone or with the kids.  Time to dig out those gardening gloves and get a little dirty! 

Dig In! Its Great to Gardenheres why:

  • Dose of Nature:  Fresh air and sunshine…not only are children are happier, healthier, smarter, and better disciplined when they have time to be outdoors…gardening develops skills like empathy and observation, too.  It has the same effects on us moms, too.  Although my observations often turn into “to-do” lists…”Oh I see that this bush needs some trimming and this brick paver is a little wobbly…guess I better fix that!” 
  • Great Workout:  Yes, digging, hoeing and toting water actually do count as exercise…make it a game for your kids and go ahead and count it as your 30 minutes of physical activity for the day. 
  • Brain Stimulant:  Being outdoors is like a classroom without desks, grades and homework…learn about the environment in a hands-on way…bugs, composting and photosynthesis for starters.  What can you learn?  Do you have a special interest in a specific variety of flowers?  Want to try your hand at vegetable gardening?  Head to the library or Internet and see what you can “dig” up for your brain. 
  • Mood Booster:  Believe it or not, there really are scientific studies that prove flowers help people feel better…try it and see!  Not only that, but when you are in the fresh air, sunshine, and moving your body your endorphins are working to make you feel good.  Plus, you are in the process of getting your daily dose of Vitamin D–from the sun which helps develop strong bones, among other things.   Just make sure you use enough SPF so that you don’t burn. 

 Happy EARTH DAY 2010!

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