Tales from Tuesday: Minivans, Coffee, & Target

It’s my day again–Tuesday.  In college, I used to love Thursdays…it was often the first “unofficial” day of the weekend, a group of “celebrating” by going to our favorite Mexican restaurant where the waiters were willing to serve us heavily-tequilia-ed margaritas without so much a glance at our IDs.  It was usually my last clinical day of the week, too and that in itself called for a celebration. 

But Tuesdays are now my favorite.  Far from the weekend, yes.  But just as freeing, and only in “mom world.”  On Tuesday mornings, both of my mini-me’s are tucked away safely at school.  I know they are in good hands and so I take this as an opprtunity to hit my favorite places: Starbucks and Target.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to be cruising down the road in my convertible…uh, scratch that, minivan headed for a Starbucks drive thru and then on to my favorite store in the whole wide world.  And no, Target does not pay me to say that.  More like I pay them something like $400 a month–ugh.  They really should pay me, huh? 

So, here are my observations about these things:

Starbucks:  Over-priced.  Yes.  Delicious and necessary.  Yes. 

Minivans:  Dumb.  But handy.  Never thought I’d drive one.  At least it has leather seats and a sunroof.  More:  I used to think that minivan drivers were slow and cautious.  Now that I am one, well–I have to disagree.  They are harried moms running from point A to point B and then to C and D and all the way to…Z.  They chat on their cell phones and futz with their electronic mappers while driving, hushing loud children, answering the same annyoning question for the umpteenth time, and changing the kids music CD all while making their mental list of things to do.  Safe and cautious?  I think not.   

Target:  Fun.  Yes.   Delicious and necessary.  Yes. 

How will you spend your Tuesday?

One thought on “Tales from Tuesday: Minivans, Coffee, & Target

  1. Your Tuesday will be my Wednesday tomorrow. Target? Check. Minivan? Check. Except I’ll swap that Starbucks for a McDonald’s diet Coke, thankyouverymuch.

    Today? Well … I’m too tired to even type it out.

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