Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: What’s New(s)

I was just thinking the other day about how us moms really sacrifice a lot as we raise these sweet little people.  Duh.  We all know that.  But some of these scarifices sort of sneak up on us.  Of course we know that we can’t sit and watch soaps all day and eat bon bons.  We know we might have to sacrifice our cute little car for a more practical “mom-mobile,” and we end up scarificing our sleep, our looks, our body…ugh. 

But what about our news?  The television at  our house no longer seems to be mine.  Don’t get me wrong–for the most part, I hate TV.  Sure I have a few shows I watch here and there, but it’s really not “on” much.  I also don’t let my kids watch a lot of it.  When they were younger, this was so not an issue.  Now that they are a bit bigger and know how to operate the remote control, and even the DVD, it’s a whole new ballgame–so to speak.   So, the television is no longer tuned to the local news channel or even the “Today Show” in the morning like it used to be when they were younger–and played happily on the floor with a few board books and blocks while I did the breakfast dishes.  Now, they are begging for “Martha Speaks,” or “Curious George” or another episode of “Arthur.”  I hate that they know the sequence of kids’ shows on PBSKids…but hey–at least it’s PBS and not “Soaps R Us” or something or the “Mean Guy Station”.   But, the bottom line is this:  I get NO news.  Since the TV’s blaring all morning with things like, “Skitz, stop!” I can’t turn on the radio for my news, either.  Of course, I can’t possibly stop to read the paper because I have snack bags to pack, the dishwasher to unload, the floor to swiffer, and a load of wash to get started.  Same goes for the Internet.  No time to stop

And then we leave.  Hopping into the car for a trip to the gym or preschool, I hope against all hope that there will be no requests for “Mama Mia” or “Spring is Here,” but there is.  Schucks, no news in the car, either. 

By the time I finally do have a chance to sit down and read the paper or check the headlines on the Internet, it’s time to sort through the “notes from school” section of Kate’s backpack.  Then the mail and then…ugh.  Information overload.  But, sadly that’s not what’s really important in what keeps the world spinning.  Or is it?  Sometimes I wonder, what’s “news” anyway?  By the time I heard about the Icelandic volcano, it was over.  I am still here and well and my flights weren’t delayed.  Because I don’t go anywhere that requires a large hunk of metal flying through the sky!  Sure, the volcano may make for a cooler summer, halting my summer wardrobe shopping trip.  Guess I won’t be using that Carter’s Children’s wear coupon that expires at the end of the month.  Or ordering those stinkin’ cute sandals from Zappos.com.  That’s news to me.  That bit of information will help me clean out my wallet. And my brain. 

What news is, is something that affects you and your life.  Or you and your potential.  Read: future.  So, I guess what I’m really trying to say is this:  The headlines at my house are:  “Korbin was the helper in school today, (and he’s sort of a bully),” “Kindergarten registration fee is due by May 24th,” “Preschool sign up for fall begins tomorrow.  If you don’t do this, your kid won’t be ‘in’.” 

And that summarizes the headlines for today.  Good afternoon and we’ll see you back this evening at five.

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