In My Brain Today: Prize Box

I had this all planned out.  I was going to blog on the power of the prize box here at our house.  But I never got around to taking a picture of my little cherubs sifting through the box after they did something prize box-worthy.  Because they haven’t earned anything from the darned prize box lately!  They have been particularly challenging and I don’t know why. 

Well, I have some ideas: the weather is getting nicer and school’s almost out.  I am busy trying to nail down the details for this preschool graduation party as well as keeping the house from falling down, shuttling the kids here and there, and getting myself to physical therapy for my creaky, crunchy knee that swells as big a balloon when I do anything remotely active.   Of course, I am still trying to write and write and write some more.  And read about writing.  Did I mention that my desk is a huge, honkin’ mess?!  Well, the good news is-a person with a messy desk has an active mind.  Oh yes–it’s active alright.  So, maybe it’s just my perception of their behavior that’s a bit clouded.  Hummm…

So, back to the prize box.  I stocked it recently with some new dollar-store finds.  Actually, I have grown to dislike the dollar store.  It feels seedy and junky. I always feel like I have to buy something, even I don’t love it, because it’s only a dollar, right?!  So, I look for things at Michaels, Target and Hobby Lobby  for a buck or less.  They all have a surprisingly good selection, plus other things I love to buy!   The girls think they’ve hit the jack-pot–and I kind of do, too. 

Because their behavior has been so irritating lately, I pulled out the “Big Board.”  It’s one of those great Melissa and Doug creations…magnetic, wipe-off and comes with reward pieces (smiley face magnets).  I use the little wood pieces that are  included in the kit to spell out just about anthing you’d want your little angels to do: make bed, help with indoor chores, say please and thank you, not use bad words.  Each of my girls comes up with a “big” prize they want to earn.  Kelly found a doll at the toy store today.  It cost $18.  So, she needs to earn 18 magnets to get the doll.  Pretty simple.  

The “prize box” is smaller and contains smaller prizes (those $1 or less) and it’s for one thing only: staying in one’s room during “quiet time”–which used to be called “nap time.”  But as I was told recently, “Mom, 5-year olds don’t nap.”  Well, my little sassy pants, you can stay in your room quietly while I get my much needed-and usually deserved-“quiet time.”  Ah yes…prize box (I mean, jack-pot).

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