Apraxia Monday: Drive-thru Speech

She’s burned out.  On speech, that is.  I am not sure I can blame the poor kid.  Kate’s been going to speech therapy 2-3x a week for the last 2 1/2 years.  That’s half her lifetime!  I am a little tired of the whole production myself.  As I wrote last Monday, there are other things to be doing in our afternoons.  But I know how important it is.  I also can see the progress and I like what I see.  Most of the time–except when she calls me “dummy bottom poo poo head!”

And it really does take all afternoon….once you load up the kids in the car (but first of course, you battle with shoes, coats, etc) and then drive to the clinic.  Spend an hour or so with the therapist, check in with the front desk staff (who almost always have something to tell me–about insurance coverage or a scheduling conflict–on a good day, just to say “hi”), and then follow up with the SLP on the way out…once we’re home and settled again, speech therapy has taken about 2 hours from my day, up to 6 hours of our week if we go three times!  And that doesn’t even include the homework we’re encouraged to do. 

So, when I mentioned to Kate that we had Ms. Sylvia this afternoon, she grumbled a little bit.  She looked at me and said, “Does speech have drive-thru?”  Of course, I died with laughter.  Even my grumbly daughter cracked a smile.  No babe, no drive-thru for speech.  But maybe when you finish, we can drive-thru the Golden Arches and get a little ice cream sundae for a job well-done?

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